First Blog

Here it is, the heart clenching plunge into the treacherous dark void, my very first blog. Ever. All my dramatic exaggerations aside, journalism has always sparked an interest in me. I assume a decent starting point would be, of course, to start a blog. As long as I can remember though, I have never been the most ambitious when it came to actually moving forward. I tend to procrastinate and make excuses, never actually taking the first step.

I have had many a plans for my life. Become a lawyer, assume the role of a doctor, or open my own studio for recording music. There’s also this idea that I want to train and fight MMA. I know ludicrous right? (To be honest, still would really love to get into the ring.) The point is, I never got around to even getting close to any of my goals.  “I have no time!” “I got to make a plan first!” “I’m too tired and stressed from work!” Blah, blah, and blah.

So, in honor of New Years and starting fresh, I’m taking that first step. “Hear ye, hear ye. Sir Julius the Excuse-Maker has made a resolution!” Do not fret my good sir/madam. This is not going to be the usual “New Year’s Resolution” that starts off with such passion, only to fizzle into a lucid dream of a time long ago. On a completely different subject, I just had a great idea for gyms. They should give members a free month in March, if said members, don’t miss a weekend in January and February.

Excuse my random thoughts. They get the best of me sometimes. Back to topic, I am beyond excited to do this blog. I hope in the coming months, I acquire followers and critiques. To which I now ask anyone reading this, I want feedback. What are some of your resolutions? Also, I want criticism; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Cheers, to all those resolutions and for a fresh start. Happy New Year’s everyone!


2 thoughts on “First Blog

  1. Good luck on your quest brave Sir Julius 🙂 I really enjoyed reading your first blog as your excitement really showed in your writing and I really liked the humour in it. Can’t wait for more 🙂

  2. As I lover of writing and reading I have to say you taking the right step to success! Good to see you motivating yourself to talent and success. I know you have loads of ambition inside of you and if you focus you can succeed. Julius you should try internship at a news paper or ask to ride along with a journalist you like. Then you will get first hand experience and tips from someone around the field your interested in. The blog was great and I will continue to follow it and you go, but try to stay focused on what is important and don’t get so easily side tracked . You have greatness in you just work hard to achieve it.

    Sincerely your friend Jeff McGrew

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