Some Beach, Some Where

If I can’t jump in butt-naked, it ain’t no beach!

At least, that’s what I’ve been saying the last 6 years. I now live in Humboldt County, California. Don’t get me wrong, it’s gorgeous out here. Beautiful lush forestry, rich coastal air, and even the heritage of the county is interesting to say the least. But alas, the downfall of her majesty, is the beach. Beach? I can’t swim in it because it’s so cold! And no, I refuse to wear a wet suit, nor will I pee in my wet suit. And yes, that was an actual advice, from multiple sources, here in Humboldt. X_X

No, being born and raised in Hawai’i has nothing to do with my obsession of beaches…okay, maybe a little. Vibrant blue waters, yet still able to see the sand at your feet. The ocean’s warm embrace, never needing a wet suit to swim, you can just bask in it’s glory all day. BUTT-NAKED!!!

In restrospect, I may have been spoiled. However, now you see my agony.  To enjoy the warm and beautiful beaches of Hawai’i, and now to gaze upon the grey, cold beach of Humboldt County. I’m having beach withdrawals! Beachdrawals!! I’m desperate now, to the point where I think I’m going to do it. I’m going to just jump in. Join the polar bear! Maybe…

But now I’m curious, to all those reading this. Where are you from and if you’re no longer there, what do you miss most?

That Is All. ^_^


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