Hope, the Foundation of Humanity.

When man could not see because of darkness, he found light to pierce the veil. Exploring all he could on his seemingly limited stretch of land, man crafted a vessel to harness the wind and traverse the waters of curiosity. Fire only provided the raw essentials of survival to man, so he tamed the physical form of power itself. Man dreamed of one day dining with the gods themselves. So against all odds, against all doubt, we soared into the heavens above and went beyond. Beyond, our once thought short, reach of humankind. And beyond still, we will go.

The iron will of the human spirit, I believe, is the most potent substance in the entire universe. Our ability to persevere, to continue on when all hope is lost, to go past our limits is what brought our existence so far. What transcends us from mere animals is our will, our ability to hope and dream ambitiously. Hope is the core of humanity, with it, you can achieve greatness.

However, there is a downfall to the strongest element of our soul. Our will is so fragile and can easily be broken, the perfect symbol of yin and yang. If allowed, doubt and fear will tear humanity up like wildfire in a quenched forest. We can give up so easily, allowing ourselves to be broken. There will always be negative forces, attempting to destroy our hope. If we succumb to the doubt, to the fear of failure, we break our foundation of humanity.

Yet, though easily broken, hope can be reignited with the smallest of sparks. Like a sliver of sun that shines through the storm clouds, the effervescent warmth kissing your skin after a long night of cold chaos. A seed of hope is more than enough to pull us out of the deepest hole. History proves that so much can be attained with nothing more than hope and sheer determination.

To give up hope, is to give up humanity. Remain ever vigilant and never let doubt set in. Never be afraid to dream, never be afraid to hope, and never be afraid to go beyond.


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