Insert Cliche Title Here–>Changes

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” -Socrates

So there’s been quite a bit of commotion in my life since my last post. (The post waaay back in May.) Firstly, I got a new job! I use to work at a Refuse & Recycling facility, which was not a great moment in my life. I, at least, have an unfortunate treasure chest of crazy stories dealing with the “clientele”. I may share some of these stories later, maybe. The worst part, however, was dealing with all that trash! My god you people are disgusting, and with what I have come across during my reign of Garbage King, most of you should be ashamed! But I digress.

I now work for New Trend Wireless, a local company who are authorized agents of U.S. Cellular. For those that are wondering, they’re a cell phone service company, like Verizon. With “Tech Junkie” being my middle name, working with cell phones all day is awesome. Best part is I don’t come home smelling like Mike Rowe! Go ahead, Google him while I whistle the Weakest Link Theme. Is that tune now seared into your subconscious? Are you now cursing my name for damning the rest of your day? You’re Welcome.

Remember when I mentioned that I could be somewhat indecisive of what want to endeavor towards? Well it got worse, like rare rabid rabbits radically roaming raging rivers, worse. Repeat that five times quickly. (And yes, I just sat here for probably fifteen minutes thinking that up.) Beginning this blog was a step towards possibly becoming a journalist… someday. I still would love to make that happen, but it’s definitely not the ultimatum.

Ready for my additions? So after journalism, I wanted to become a photographer. I love taking pictures and want to one day share my joy with others. Shortly thereafter, I wanted to be a Graphic Artist. I have always been kind of artsy, and why not make it a career? Following that was becoming a Visual Effects artist. Films these days have some out of this world visual and special effects, and I would love to jump on that train. Last to add to my ever growing list is becoming a certified IT Specialist. (Okay, I’m not a Tech Junkie. I’m a Tech-aholic!)

I have taken steps towards each and every one of these interests, believe it or not. I started reading the necessary materials, installed all the software that’s needed onto my computers, and I have even contemplated returning to school. Which is a big thing for me because I planned on never going back. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge nerd and I love to learn. I just don’t fancy the idea that the size of my wallet determines how much education I actually get. Anyhow, this is a topic for a later discussion.

One last thing I want to mention before I return to my video games. (Because, you know, I don’t actually have a life.) I’m going to be father! My wife is pregnant with our first child! One of the biggest changes in my life is happening, and I could not be more excited. Oh, and she’s my boss. No seriously, my wife is an Assistant Manager, and I’m one of her employees. (The earth trembles with the woeful roars of a million men.)

Where my path in life will actually go, I’m… dying, to see it. (Get it? No? Okay…) Each and every one of you gets to come along for the ride! Buckle up, and take this journey with me.


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